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Anti-Static Poly Bags

Growing up we learned electrostatic discharge was great fun.  As grown-ups we're learning it can also be damaging - particularly to sensitive electronic parts.  That's where Miller Poly Bags pink anti-static bags and tubing come into play.  These static control products are excellent for packaging items when faraday cage protection is NOT required.  Pink anti-static bags and tubing also protect contents from moisture, they're heat sealable and the pink tinted material makes component indentification easy.  Plus, Miller Poly Bags defect prevention versus defect detection system results in consistently high quality and performance right from the start.  Miller Poly Bags broad inventory coupled with our immediate delivery program through our eight distribution facilities gives our customers complete flexibility and reliability.  So, if you don't want electrostatic discharge to become a hair raising experience, let Miller Poly Bags control it.


Anti-static poly products are necessary when packaging electronics because of the sensitivity electronics components have toward electrostatic discharge (ESD).   Triboelectric energy is the typical static charge, which occurs in the packaging and shipping industry.  Triboelectric charge happens when two materials separate and one material strips away the negatively charged electrons from the other.  As a result a human touching a positively charged piece of electronic equipment could set of an electrostatic discharge.  Most electronic discharges can not be felt or heard and happen instantaneously, which leaves no warning signs that the equipment has been shocked.  Some fried electronics will pass in-house tests, but will fall shortly after in field tests.  These electronic failures can be fixed in the business world, but in the military or aircraft electronic failures are catastrophic and that’s why static control products were created to ensure the safety and the integrity of electronic products.  Anti-static poly products have been engineered so they have the ability to resist triboelectric charge generation.


Anti Static Transparent Low Density Polyethylene Resin, Film Bags, Sheeting, Tubing.


Basic Material

GP AS 1400 is extruded from virgin low-density polyethylene resin color-coded a translucent pink for identification purposes.  Incorporated into the resin is an internal organic antistatic agent.  The resin is pre-extruded into pellet form.  The pellets are tehn used in the final extrusion producing a film with all surfaced effectively static-dissipated.  Antistatic low density polyethylene products from GP AS-1400 are amine-free.  Bags fabricated from GP AS 1400 reduce the danger of possible spark discharges resulting from static electricity buildup.  It is these sparks which are most harmful to sensitive electronic components and most dangerous when packaging or working near electro-explosive devices. 


The following technical data has been gathered from extensive testing of .002, .004 and .006 MIL antistatic film extruded from GP AS 1400 resin.  The testing was performed on random samples by 2 independent testing laboratories.  It is our opinion that GP AS 1400 meets or exceeds the requirements for a heat sealable, flexible electrostatic-free barrier material as specified in MIL-PRF-81705D.  Chemical composition: Carbon and Hydrogen.


  • Our product does not contain any latex, mercury, sulfur, nitrogen, silicon, heavy metals, BPA (bisphenol A). polyvinyl cholorides, polystyrenes, polycarbonates, phthalates, BHT (butylated hydroxytouene), DEHA (diethylhydroxylamine), DEHP (di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate), PBDE (poly bromnated diphenyl ether). PBB (poly brominated biphenyl).
  • Contains no animal derivative ingredients.
  • Complies with RoHS (Restrictions of Hazardous Substances).
  • Complies with WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment).
  • Complies with CMM (China’s Management Methods).
  • Complies with REACH (Registration Evaluation Authorization and Restriction of Chemical Substances.)

What is an Anti-Static Bag?

Anti Static bags are "non-tribocharging" - meaning that they do not create static electricity in and of themselves.  They will not generate a "spark" when opened, closed, filled, emptied, or handled.  However, they DO NOT protect the component inside the bag from external static electricity.  They are recommended for use with non-critical components that are being handled in a static sensitive environment, for example parts kits or instruction packets.

Why are Anti-Static Bags Pink?

Richmond Technologies began the trend to color anti-static polyethylene with a pink dye to distinguish it from plain polyethylene.  The pink is a tint and nothing else.  This has become industry standard. 

Why do Anti-Static Bags feel greasy and why do some come with a white powder?

The anit-static additive is an oil based additive and gives the bag smoother and slightly a greasy feel.   Over time this additive tends to "bloom" to the surface of the bag, reducing it's effectiveness.  Therefore, we recommend that users observe no more than a one year shelf-life on anti-static bags.  (Some manufacturers guarantee the anti-static properties of their bags for only six months.)  The additive can also cause anti-static bags to "block" or stick together so they are hard to open.  Distributors will dust their anti-static film with either corn starch or baby powder to help reduce blocking.

What else do I need to know about Anti-Static Bags?

  • Anti-static bags are heat sealable
  • Anti-static bags are not designed to hold a vacuum over time although they will for short durations
  • Anti-static bags can be custom printed but Miller will not gurantee the print on any of these bags since the blooming of the anti-static additive tends to lift off the print. 
  • Anti-static bags are to be used as the minimum level of protection for sensitive electrical components.
  • Miller's anti-static product line is available with reclosable bags, flat bags, and   poly tubing.